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The History of Kent Engineers

R A Kent Engineering was founded in 1965 by the late Robert A Kent. The present owner, Robert S Kent, son of R A Kent, joined the firm in 1971, and took over the management of the firm in 1988. The company was originally based in Banks, Southport, but moved to purpose built premises in Tarleton, Preston, in 1982.
We were mainly a general precision engineering firm until 1983, when we started the design and production of Morse code keys. Over the following five years, the Morse key manufacture virtually took over the business, and the mainstay of the business today is still the design and manufacture of Morse code keys. We have always been a family run business, with various members of the family, including the two sons of the present owner, taking an active part in the business.
The picture on the left, taken circa 1971, shows the late Robert A. Kent (in the foreground), and the present owner, Robert junior, in the workshop of the company's original premises in banks Nr. Southport.
On the right is a recent photograph showing Robert in the foreground and Mark his youngest son hard at work.

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