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1 pre-assembled bearing block

(A) 1 bearing block
(B) 2 ball race bearings
(C) 1 main arm
(D) 1 steel pivot pin
(E) 2 3mm brass screws
  1 3mm socket set screw

(F) 1 plain brass screw
(G) 1 tipped screw
(H) 2 knurled locking nuts
(J) 1 brass knob mounting stud
(K) 1 plastic knob
(L) 1 front tipped contact

(M) 1 rear brass stop
(N) 1 spring retaining pin
(O) 2 terminal posts
(P) 2 terminal post screws
(Q) 1 spring
(R) 1 spring tension stud
(S) 1 brass adjusting nut
(T) 1 plastic skirt
(U) 1 length of braided wire
(V) 2 3mm brass screws
(W) 2 long 4mm screws
(X) 4 3mm screws
(Y) 2 short 4mm screws
  8 3mm washers
  3 3mm solder tags
  3 4mm solder tags
  4 4mm washers
(1) 1 wood base
(2) 4 rubber feet
(3) 4 RH wood screws
(4) 1 steel cover plate
(5) 1 green baize
(6) 2 steel weights
  2 CSK wood screws


  Read all of the instructions before starling the assembly
On the base loosely fit the front silver tipped contact (L) using a short 4mm screw having first placed a solder tag and a washer under the screw head.
Loosely fit the rear brass stop (M) using a short 4mm screw and washer.
Take the bearing block and arm assembly and fit screws (F) and (G) together with the knurled locking nuts (H) (Note the tipped screw is at the front) and allow the screws to protrude underneath by not more than 3mm. Fit the plastic knob (K) and skirt (T) using the brass mounting stud. Do not allow the stud to protrude underneath.
Loosely fit the bearing block assembly using the four 3mm screws and washers having first placed a 3mm solder tag under any one of the screw heads
Align the front contacts and rear stops then tighten all the screws. At this stage check that the top and bottom contacts and the rear stops are correctly aligned. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure correct alignment.
Fit the two terminal posts (0) and screws (P) using 4mm screws, having first placed solder tags and washers under the screw heads.
Solder a short length of wire between:-
(i) The front contact solder tag and any one of the terminal posts solder tags.
(ii) The bearing block solder tag and the second terminal post solder tag.
Cut the length of the braided wire to approximately 65mm long then solder each end to a 3mm solder tag and fit to the bearing block and arm using the 3mm brass screws (V)
Taking care to protect your eyes, attach spring (0) to brass stud (A) then pass the stud through underside of base into the brass arm, securing with steel retaining pin (N) on the underside and knurled brass adjusting nut (S) on top.
Position the two steel weights (6), one on each side of the base cut out, securing with the two csk wood screws.
On the steel cover plate attach the self -adhesive green baize strip and trim off surplus with a sharp knife or scissors (Note: take care not to damage table fop and fingers if using a knife)
Locate the steel cover plate centrally on the base, then secure with the four round head wood screws and rubber feet, having first placed a 3mm washer in the recess of each of the rubber feet. The screws should be located in the four pre-drilled pilot holes.

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