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What others think of Kent Morse keys

Kent Morse Keys

Thanks for visiting my website. Please leave your comments...
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16) Lawrence M. Feldman, W1GOR 
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Wednesday, 2 January 2002 12:58 Write a comment

A friend of mine, REX, KI1A, told me about your web page.

Thought I'd drop by and see for myself...

Best regards from 'The Colonies...'
15) Paul N. Nix 
Garland, Texas U.S.A.
IP logged
Tuesday, 4 December 2001 03:24 Write a comment

Pleased to find you on the Web.
I have two Kent keys (paddle
and the big hand key).


Paul, WB5AGF
14) O.A.M. Mes PA0HYY 
IP logged
Thursday, 8 November 2001 10:56 Write a comment

Nice to hear the ultimate clics of the morse key calling cq
13) Nelson Dahl 
Village of Lynch, in Nebraska,
IP logged
Monday, 5 November 2001 21:50 Write a comment

I am really interested in one of the Titanic keys. Alpha-Delta
seems to be sold out. Would a Titanic key be available from you?

Thank you,

Nelson Dahl
IP logged
Saturday, 3 November 2001 08:43 Write a comment

Just a Yank saying "Hello" from
the other side of the pond.
11) Rex Thornton 
IP logged
Wednesday, 24 October 2001 11:23 Write a comment

Please e-mail me to conferm that you received my order and please let me know of an approximate delivery date.
Thank You, Rex
10) Kenneth A, Crips 
IP logged
Friday, 12 October 2001 21:03 Write a comment

I have had, and enjoyed the use of a set of your Iambic
paddles for 8 years now. This is the best key I have ever
used, great feel. I let every one know who I think make
the best keys be they paddle or pump.

Ken de W7ITC
9) Glenn Breaux 
IP logged
Monday, 1 October 2001 07:16 Write a comment

I was able to test drive the TK-1 the other day and fell in love with it!!
8) Glenn Breaux 
IP logged
Sunday, 16 September 2001 14:29 Write a comment

Can I order the KT-1 Key directly from you, I live in the US and have no dealers close.

7) Austin (Red) Stafford 
IP logged
Sunday, 16 September 2001 14:21 Write a comment

As an ex freelance - KUFC - Banna Boat operator and long time user or Vibroplex bug key, which I still have gathering dust.

73's to u all.

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