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1677) Joe 
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Saturday, 15 March 2014 10:33

Purchased a TP-1B over a month ago. Unit arrived with no connector and as I am just learning CW, I emailed Kent to ask for instructions on how to wire in a jack. I assume it is a mono 3.5mm, but am unsure what colour is what for the sounds, etc.

Away, over a month and my email was never answered. The key sits on my desk unused as I can't wire it without instructions. I will now post reviews on other websites to tell my story. Frustrated and perhaps I won't bother with CW. Guess you have to be an Elmer to use Kent. Thanks Kent.

Robert Kent G4POY Monday, 17 March 2014 11:37
Hi Joe. Sorry I must have missed your email.

The connections depend on the keyer or radio you are using and you should refer to the equipment manual for the appropriate size, type of connector and how to connect it. It will not be a mono jack plug!!

As a guide if a stereo jack plug is used the tip will be the dot, centre will be the dash and top will be common. See

I hope this helps but if you need more information please contact me.
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