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114) Raymond E st. pierre 
woonsocket Rhode Island USA
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Thursday, 10 March 2005 23:31

I have been trying to buy your titanic replica morse keyer for a long time now. I e mailed you about a year ago .and was told that as soon as more were manufactured you would tell me . but have not heard from you I also called alpha delta in the states on 3 occasions and they do not return my call.I dont understand how you people are able to do business like that.Ijust thought I would tell you my feelings about this .I dont expect a response but I understand with deepest regards and 73s Ray (n1xae)

Robert Kent Friday, 11 March 2005 09:17
Hi Raymond, you are on my list to contact as soon as we have some available. I have just checked the production and we only have two more components to make before we can start assembly. Due to the pressure of production on our basic range I estimate the Titanic keys will be ready first week April.
I canít speak for Alpha Delta but you will always get a response from me.
Robert Kent (G4POY)
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